The Biblical Interpretation class was valuable as we were taught a framework to approach studying all the different literary genres of the Bible. As a result I feel better equipped to rightly handle the word of truth as I serve in the women’s Bible study at my church. The class has also nourished my own relationship with God; the tools I’ve learned have increased my delight in the beauty and depth of the Scriptures.

- Natalie Liu
  • Biblical Exegesis
    How to read, interpret and apply the Bible. This class will equip students to study and understand the Bible according to the author’s original intent, as well as how to apply it in relevant and legitimate ways today. All the different genres of biblical literature will be explored, including poetry, narrative, prophecy, history, gospels, parables and wisdom.

  • Biblical Preaching
    How to prepare and preach expository messages from the Bible. This class will focus both on the process of preparing expository sermons as well as delivering them in an effective way. Students will have the opportunity to prepare and preach a message in front of the class.

  • Introduction to Christian Theology
    This class will explore what the Bible teaches in the major areas of Christian theology such as God, the Trinity, the Bible, humanity, Christ, The Holy Spirit, salvation, the Church, and the last things. The focus will be on the unity of what all Christians, everywhere have always believed.

  • Soul Care
    This class will explore how Christian leaders can care for their own soul. What are the dynamics of leadership that threaten the development of the inner life of the soul? What are the spiritual practices or habits that are the means by which we can care for our soul?

  • Christian Leadership
    This class will explore what it means to be a Christian leader. How is Christian leadership similar and different from leadership in the world? How can we develop and grow as leaders? What are the different leadership styles? How can a leader deal with criticism, temptation, and pride?

  • History of Redemption
    History of Redemption focuses on how Scripture presents an unfolding drama contained within the 66 books of the Bible: through creation, fall, restoration and consummation. This course traces the storyline from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation, seeing how it all fits together. Throughout we will trace the loving purposes of God, learn of his intentions for humanity, and find our true human selves in the centrality of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • The Church
    An exploration of the history of the Christian church as well as what the church is and how it should function according to Scripture. What is the purpose of the church? What does a healthy church look like? What does it mean to be part of a church? What is the Biblical model for how a church should be governed?

  • Pastoral Toolbox
    This practical module will focus on equipping students to be effective in the arenas pastors are often invited into, such as pre-marital counseling, weddings, funerals, hospital visitation, pastoral counseling, baby dedications, etc. We will also help students assess their spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality type and life experiences that will shape their ministry.

*Dependent on which quarter a pastoral resident enters the program, the order of Program Courses may be in a slightly different order. A pastoral resident will only be enrolled in one course per quarter.