What is the vision of the Pastoral Residency Program?2021-01-19T10:56:09-06:00

The vision of our Residency Program is to equip and develop the next generation of leaders for a lifetime of effective ministry. We borrowed the language from the medical community, where Residents are often already on a trajectory toward becoming health care providers, but spend their residency shadowing doctors and practicing medicine in an environment of continual feedback, mentoring, and learning.

Who leads the Pastoral Residency Program?2020-11-16T13:00:46-06:00

Dr. Mark Mitchell is the Residency Director. He provides overall leadership to the Residency Program, giving direction to Ministry Mentors and the recruitment and coaching of residents. The Residency Director is also responsible for the content of each of the eight learning modules.

What is a Ministry Mentor?2020-11-16T13:02:24-06:00

Ministry Mentors will be on the staff at one of our partner churches. They will provide hands on ministry mentoring for the Resident in the ministry they oversee (worship, student ministry, children’s ministry, communications, men’s/women’s ministry, etc.). They will meet with the Residents one on one at least every other week for ministry coaching, evaluation and development.

What is the structure of the Residency Program?2023-06-22T15:52:52-05:00

Residents will work in a Partner Church under the supervision of their Ministry Mentor. Residents will also complete eight courses offered by the BASOM.

As a Resident, who am I accountable to?2020-11-16T13:04:49-06:00

Residents will be accountable to the Residency Director and their Ministry Mentor. The Residency Director will meet with Residents once a month for personal development. Ministry Mentors will provide hands on ministry mentoring for the Resident in the ministry they oversee (worship, student ministry, children’s ministry, communications, men’s/women’s ministry, etc.).

How does the BASOM Residency Program compare to attending seminary?2022-11-15T09:40:39-06:00

We are not trying to duplicate a seminary in our Residency Program, although some of the classroom work will be similar to classes typically taken at a seminary. Residents may also attend seminary at a very low cost as part of the Residency Program through our partnership with Kairos University.

Who can apply to be a Pastoral Resident and how do I go about this?2023-06-22T15:54:19-05:00

Anyone can apply for our Residency Program. Fill out the application on our website. If your application is initially accepted, BASOM will contact you and schedule an interview with both your proposed Ministry Mentor and the Pastoral Residency Director.

How long and how many hours a week will the Residency require?2023-06-22T15:55:55-05:00

The Residency is a two year program that will require anywhere from 16-29 hours per week, depending on the situation of the Resident and the Partner Church. At least 6 of those hours per week will be devoted to coursework for the educational component of the Residency.

When will the Residency Program begin?2021-01-19T10:57:26-06:00

Residents can begin in September, January, March or June.

How many Residency openings are there?2020-11-16T13:05:59-06:00

We do not have a set number of Residents in mind at any one time, but much of this will depend on the availability of Partner Churches and Ministry Mentors.

Where will I live during my Residency?2021-01-19T10:57:52-06:00

We do not provide housing for our Residents. In some cases, there might be an opportunity to house our unmarried residents with a family in the church, but we cannot guarantee this. Married residents will have to find a place on their own.

Will I be compensated for my work as a Resident?2023-06-22T15:56:47-05:00

Residents will be part-time employees of the Partner Church and will be paid an agreed upon amount.

Will I be provided with health insurance during my Residency Program?2020-11-16T13:06:27-06:00

We cannot provide Residents with health insurance.

May I work a second job during my Residency?2020-11-16T13:06:38-06:00

Residents may also have additional part-time work outside of the Residency Program as long as it doesn’t conflict with the Residency Program requirements.

Will BASOM help me find a job when I complete the Residency Program?2020-11-16T12:57:02-06:00

The Residency Director will help Residents with the placement process after the Residency Program is completed, but obtaining a position is not guaranteed.

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